Absolute Radio an Q Magazine to increase cross-brand collaborations

Bauer’s Absolute Radio and Q Magazine are strengthening their partnership with a number of new shows and joint editorial initiatives.

New Absolute Radio signing Danielle Perry will host a new-look Sunday Night Music Club show from this weekend in association with Q magazine. The revamped show will include contributors from Q, who’ll add in-depth analysis to a four hour show of live and new music. The debut show will air this Sunday August 2 from 8pm-12am.

Q will also feature in Perry’s No Repeat Guarantee show on Absolute Radio with a daily music news bulletin which will then direct listeners to qthemusic.com, Perry will also become a contributor to the magazine commenting on the latest music trends and news agenda, new releases and more.

Absolute Radio content director Tony Moorey said: “The scale of the partnership provides exceptional opportunities for artists, labels and advertising clients to create genuine engagement with an audience whose lives are sound tracked by music that truly matters.”

In the last year Absolute Radio and Q have already created a number of collaborative projects including a number of bespoke CD compilations created for the magazine.

Group Editor-In-Chief of Q Magazine Phil Alexander said: “The partnership between Absolute Radio and Q Magazine is so natural because both of our audiences share a love of real music. We understand that audience and we believe we can create content for them that they truly love – be that on-air, on the printed page, in the digital world, or through events.”

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