Ditto Music launches Record Label In A Box

Online distributor Ditto Music has launched Record Label In A Box – billed as the entire infrastructure needed to launch a label as an SME, including contracts and access to business loans.

“There has never been a tangible item you can hold in your hands that prove you are a label or tells you what to do next. Until now. This is the new benchmark,” said Ditto co-CEO Matt Parsons, speaking to Music Week.

Each record label that makes use of the box will be officially registered and is fully managed through Ditto Music’s management suit.

Record Label In A Box customers will also have access to all music networking events and exclusive opportunities.

Added Parsons: “RLIAB is for musicians who want to release their own music. It’s for entrepreneurs that want to widen out and work within the music industry easily and quickly and it’s for everyone that ever heard an artist for the first time and thought ‘I want to tell someone about this’.

“Each of those people can now start a record label, and the next day everything has changed. And then for more established labels we are continuing to improve the online label management system to provide more tools and functionality to help with the day to day running of their label.”

Customers will be fully supported with online/offline mentoring and 24/7-support access and Ditto will provide a marketing team to launch the first release, providing on-going consultations and support.

Added co- CEO Lee Parsons: “Creative industries are built on relationships and ‘who you know’, so our events calendar connects you to every networking and music industry event wherever you are. You get access to start-up loans. We can even build you a website, do your PR and mentor you for 12 months. Every part of the puzzle of running a label is catered for. Every ‘what do I do next?’ the question is answered.”

Record Label In A Box starts from £249 and will be available to purchase through http://www.dittomusic.com/record-label-in-a-box

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