Ed Sheeran launches Gingerbread record label

Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he’s launched a record label called Gingerbread, with Jamie Lawson as its first signing.

Sheeran broke the news on Austialian radio station Nova FM, while speaking to presenter “Smallzy”. He is currently on tour in the country with Lawson supporting him.

The singer-songwriter told The Sun last year that he had brokered a deal with Warner to launch an imprint, but no details of signings were revealead at the time. “It’ll be an imprint that goes through Warner. But I’ll get the rights back in about 10 years,” he said.

Said Sheeran: “I’ve set up my first record label, it’s called Gingerbread and Jamie’s my first signing. I wanted Australia to be the launch pad because Australia is a country that I feel would really dig Jamie. I’ve known Jamie for about five or six years. He’s just a phenomenal talent.

“I’m going to focus on this when I’m on tour next year. Hopefully the acts will be up and running by the time I take time off. I have a tour and Twitter, so I can put them in front of my fans instantly. I can sit down with heads of radio stations and ask whether they’ll play it on the radio. I’m in a really fortunate position to be able to break acts.”

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