Independent Venue Week looking for brand sponsor

Independent Venue Week is looking for brand sponsorship as it gears up for its third year.

Taking place in January, 2016’s iteration of the week-long event will see 120 music venues taking part, up from 91 this year.

Vauxhall sponsored this year’s Independent Venue Week, providing a Vivaro van as a tour bus for the likes of Frankie & The Heartstrings.

Speaking to Event, founder Sybil Bell (pictured) said: “We don’t want to work with people who will just slap their brand on it. What we’re looking for is a company who wants to take a long-term view of working with grassroots music.

“It’s a hard graft – this audience doesn’t like the hard sell. But the brands we’re in talks with now are coming to us with a long-term plan.”

Bell added that Independent Venue Week is speaking to brands, and has already turned down some that it felt would not be a good fit.

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