LISNR technology piloted at The Who’s Wembley concert

Energy brand SSE has pioneered a European first by introducing LISNR technology to The SSE Arena, Wembley.

LISNR, winner of Gold Cannes for innovation in 2015, uses sound to transmit data and content to consumers. When LISNR’s ‘smart tones’ are emitted during live events the ultrasonic signals trigger mobile devices, which then deliver relevant, hyper-targeted messages based on the users location and activity.

The technology, which has been used in the US by NFL teams, was introduced at SSE presents…The Who – a special one-off concert at Wembley on Saturday, February 13. It allows consumers to receive content and experiences to their phone simply through sound.

“Our audience is so important to us and to be able to enhance their experience at the venue in this way, and so easily is really exciting,” said The SSE Arena, Wembley’s general manager John Drury. “We are really looking forward to working with SSE and LISNR post this event and delivering an interactive and unique in venue experience at the arena.”

SSE’s entertainment agency Material UK introduced the technology to the brand and worked with LISNR to create an experience based app for Android, which would trigger bespoke, personalised messages and content to audience members. Merchandise discounts, opportunities to win money can’t buy prizes and exclusive event content including stage-times and the set-list were among the benefits that were unlocked when a user’s phone picked up the inaudible LISNR sound wave.

The brand will also be rolling the technology out on an Apple version of the app before launching LISNR at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

Colin Banks, SSE’s head of sponsorship, said: “We are always on the look out for innovative ways to connect with, and reward our customers; and through LISNR we are able to do both.

“Interacting with the audience in a live entertainment venue through sound is nothing short of genius, and when you tie that together with our existing SSE Reward programme, we are in a position to do something really special for our customers and venue attendees.”

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