Live Nation’s Michael Rapino: ‘Artists are the best brand managers’

Live Nation president and CEO Michael Rapino has said rock stars are “the best brand managers in the world” in a new interview.

Speaking to Adweek, US-based Rapino praised the marketing skills of artists such as The Rolling Stones and Jay Z.

“I’ve met plenty of CMOs [chief marketing officers] in life, and I always say that I’ve never met any that can hold a candle to rock stars, who I truly believe are the greatest brand managers in the world,” he said.

“You look at The Rolling Stones. It had the lips, the logo and the style. You look at Jay Z, who I think is probably the smartest brand marketer I’ve ever met.These people understand the core of what their brand is and what their fans want.”

Rapino also spoke of the importance of link-ups with sponsors for touring acts: “The artist understands and appreciates advertisers who are not only paramount to making these live events come to life, but they are also extremely important as artists are continually searching for great partners and brands to help build awareness for their tours, their brands and their products.”

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