Pono Music has eight business partners but ‘no proven business leader’

Neil Young has provided an update on the status of Pono, his music download service and portable music player.

In a lengthy Facebook post, he said Pono had eight business partners and was also working with Warner, Sony and Universal, as well as independent record companies.

He said the firm had “no proven business leader”, adding: “The search continues for one who could do it to our liking and understand what our goal is and how big it is.”

Young said: “Pono is a labor of love. Not just for me, for everyone in and around our small company, producing Ponomusic players and offering millions of Hi Res music files for well over a year now.

“It has not been easy but we are doing what we love to do: making music sound GREAT. We are a little company doing what only one giant corporation has been able to do before. And we are doing some things they have not done. We are serving Hi Res master files of your favorite music. We have an engaged and thriving online community. With no advertising we have put tens of thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of tracks in the ears of music lovers. We do this by working with many companies who help us to provide the quality we serve.

“We want all music lovers to share our community pages and provide their own insight into the story we are telling together to the world. Why? Because music matters and sound matters. Not just any music or any sound. It needs to have all of its resonance, all of its echo, all of its soul and you can’t get it from downgraded super compressed files which are so ubiquitous today.”

Young added the company wished to expand outside the US to Canada, the UK and Germany, but was currently restricted by a lack of resources. Pono’s original Kickstarter campaign raised more than $6.2 million in 2014.

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