Samsung Gear S2 Hopes to Take a Bite Out of Apple Watch

Months after the Apple Watch tried to corner the smartwatch market that Samsung once dominated, the latter is launching its Gear S2 smartwatch and aiming to knock Apple off its pedestal. Samsung got the smartwatch battle started back in 2013 and released six new versions in a year before taking a hiatus for the past 12 months.

Two versions of Samsung’s seventh smartwatch, the new S2, will be revealed on Thursday in Berlin, according to the Wall Street Journal: “A sporty flagship version and a more understated version dubbed the Gear S2 Classic.”

It also has a feature that Apple Watch and the others don’t have: the ability to serve as a phone without the help of an accompanying smartphone a la Dick Tracy. Samsung took another jab at the Apple Watch by noting that its battery can last for two or three days, longer than the one day Apple Watch can currently last.

According to research firm IDC, Apple shipped 3.2 million Apple Watches in the second quarter this year, the Journal reports. Not too shabby. Samsung, however, only shipped around 600,000 wearable devices in the same time period.

Fortune notes that the Gear S2 borrows some design elements from the Apple Watch, noting: “the Gear S2 app hub proudly display(s) round app bubbles that bear more than a passing resemblance to the Apple Watch’s grid of apps.”

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