STAR launches campaign against ticket fraud

The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) is launching a new campaign aimed at increasing ticket buyer confidence.

The self-regulatory body for entertainment ticketing is bidding to educate fans on how to buy tickets safely, reducing ticket fraud and customer disappointment through the campaign, which centres around a day of activity on November 24.

It has received backing from the Concert Promoters Association (CPA), the National Arenas Association (NAA) and the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF). It is also working with the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and Action Fraud.

“We continue to believe that a major factor in reducing the number of customers that lose money or are disappointed because of fraudulent websites is educating customers about where they really should be buying tickets and the service and information they should expect,” said STAR CEO Jonathan Brown (pictured).

It follows numerous allegations of ticket fraud made so far this year. Of the 500-plus reports made to Action Fraud in June, a total of 228 mentioned a company called Circle Tickets, which was advertising tickets for shows including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and AC/DC at inflated prices, before it ceased trading online.

“The phrase ‘buyer beware’ is often used, but surely the collective industry has a responsibility to customers to provide them with more information and to help educate them about how to avoid scam sites,” added Brown.

“We are aiming to saturate the ticket market with some basic information about STAR and safe ticket-buying on November 24.”

STAR is working with Name PR on the campaign and is hoping to attract as much industry support as possible to help improve awareness and steer customers away from scam sites.

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