Universal partners with Philips on concert films project

Universal Music Enterprises, the catalogue division of Universal Music Group, is partnering with Philips to present ‘iconic’ concert films.

The collaboration will utilise the electronics firm’s LightVibes technology, which adds LED lighting throughout a cinema, synced with media content to respond to major points of action or noise, according to Music Business Worldwide.

Theatres that install LightVibes will receive access to UMG concert titles from acts such as The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Queen and Paul McCartney and Wings.

“We are very excited to work with Philips on LightVibes to help unlock the potential of their technology,” said Bruce Resnikoff (pictured), president/CEO, Universal Music Enterprises.

“We believe this will enhance the theater experience for both audiences and theater owners alike and add realism to the movie concert technology transforms theater experience by adding immersive lighting experience.

“We look forward to bringing our iconic music catalog to the big screen in HD picture quality and high-quality sound – fully enhanced with the life-like imagery and sound provided by LightVibes.”

The project was officially launched at last week’s CinemaCon 2015 trade show in Las Vegas.

Niels Van Duinen, general manager of Philips LightVibes, added: “With this collaboration, cinema operators get the best of both worlds: Access to UMG’s high-profile concerts, drawn from the broadest catalog of music in the industry, combined with an immersive LightVibes experience that will keep audiences coming back for more.”

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